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Car buyers in Kingman have many options to choose from these days. When you visit High Desert Hyundai for your next pre-owned vehicle, you'll have a variety of body styles to choose from. Here's a look at our popular body styles to give you a glimpse at what our used vehicle inventory in Kingman offers.

Hatchbacks & Wagons

Hatchbacks and wagons are two similar vehicles with a rear-mounted or mid-mounted engine and a large cargo area with fold-down seats. Hatchback and wagon vehicles are known for their practicality, as the open interior provides ample space for belongings, shopping bags, and pets. Many modern hatchbacks and wagons also come equipped with features such as cruise control, hill assist control, infotainment displays, and active safety sensors. Overall, these are versatile vehicles that make it easy to transport people or goods from place to place.


A sedan has four doors and room for five passengers in most models. It is a popular choice for families and commuters due to its spacious interior and comfortable ride. Sedans usually have a large trunk separated from the passenger part of the vehicle, making them ideal for carrying groceries or luggage. Some sedans also come equipped with features like heated seats and sunroofs, making them even more comfortable and enjoyable to drive. If you're in the market for a new car, a sedan would be a great option.


An SUV, or sport utility vehicle, typically has four-wheel drive and higher ground clearance than other vehicles, making it ideal for off-road driving. Some SUVs also have features that make them more comfortable and convenient to drive, such as additional storage space and third-row seating. While SUVs used to be mostly associated with rugged activities like camping and hiking, they now come in a wide range of styles and can be found in city parks and suburban neighborhoods alike. Whether you're looking for a stylish way to get around town or an adventurous way to explore the great outdoors, an SUV might be the perfect vehicle for you.


Pickup trucks are designed for hauling cargo, typically in the form of large loads that are too heavy to be transported easily by other means. Typically equipped with a bed at the rear, pickups allow you to transport everything from construction materials and furniture to gardening equipment and camping gear. While pickup trucks are usually associated with work, they can also be a great choice for everyday driving around town. With their impressive power and versatile loading capabilities, pickup trucks offer convenience, functionality, and style all rolled into one.


Minivans are designed for families and large groups. With roomy seating, ample cargo space, and built-in safety features, minivans are ideal for transporting multiple passengers or hauling large loads. Typically defined by their functional design, minivans come equipped with everything you need for a comfortable driving experience. Whether you're going on vacation, running errands around town, or ferrying kids to school and soccer practice, a minivan may be ideal for all your transportation needs.

Cargo Vans

Cargo vans are specifically designed for transporting large loads. Cargo vans are typically larger than passenger vans, and they often have features that make them more suitable for hauling heavy cargo, such as reinforced suspension and extra storage space. In addition, cargo vans usually have taller roofs and wider doors, making it easier to load and unload heavy items. Cargo vans are an essential part of many businesses that need to transport large loads regularly, and they can also be handy for families who need to move large items from one location to another.

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